Efficiency for Global Markets.

Manage smart contracts and digital assets efficiently and reliably, ensuring maximum flexibility and adaptability for various use cases.

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Conio Tokenization.


Create your digital assets while maintaining Conio's technology security logic.

Smart Contract.

Customize token management logic to meet your specific needs without the need for advanced technical skills.


Take advantage of Conio's technology to customize access keys and securely manage your digital assets.

The strengths of the platform.

Use Cases: a world of possibilities.

Loyalty Token.

Generate value and offer your customers new loyalty programs.

Security Token.

Revolutionize the way value is transferred in financial markets. Conio provides a solution for rapid token issuance.

NFT Solutions.

Embark on distinctive experiences in the web3 realm by creating and managing NFTs.

Stablecoin & E-money Token.

Create and manage your e-money tokens, allowing for automatic swaps and real-time settlement.

Distributed ledger technology and tokenization are revolutionizing the offerings of banking and payment services. Within a few years, tokenization will profoundly transform the landscape of financial services as we know them today.

Christian Miccoli, CEO & Founder of Conio