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The most secure app for safekeeping and buying cryptocurrencies.

We are a MULTI-SIGNATURE BITCOIN WALLET where you can buy and store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without an exchange. Choose the Italian operator with the highest safety standards.

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The safety deposit box for your cryptocurrencies.

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logo calotta

The ultra-secure Multi-signature Bitcoin Wallet.

The 2 out of 3 Multi-signature Wallet - based on the native Bitcoin Multi-signature and two proprietary patents - you can safe-keep your Bitcoin with high-security standards. In addition, you can always retrieve your Wallet’s contents no matter what happens.

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Your key, your Bitcoins. With on-chain transactions.

Your purchased Bitcoins through Conio are transferred to your Wallet with an on-chain transaction, recorded on the Bitcoin Blockchain. This, and the possession of your private key, assures you real ownership of your Bitcoins.

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logo calotta

Buy and store cryptocurrencies.

Broaden your horizons in the world of crypto with the selection of coins within our App. Buy, sell and store them easily and securely. Experience all the possibilities that our new Smartphone App offers.

The Wallet Recovery System.

Each Conio Multi-sign Wallet is protected by 3 keys: the customer’s key, Conio’s key and a third recovery key - stored offline at an independent third party. Only two of these keys are needed to sign transactions, typically yours and Conio’s. Thanks to our patented Recovery System - based on the native Bitcoin Multi-Signature protocol and our bespoke technology - you always have access to your funds, even if you lose your private key or in the event of inheritance. If you lose your key, we will use ours and the third recovery key to return access to the Wallet and all the funds contained therein. This process also guarantees you access to funds even if Conio ceases to exist, thus cancelling any counterparty risk.


Conio Prime. Unlimited Bitcoin.

Try the Conio Prime service to boost your Wallet. You can buy and sell unlimited Bitcoins, directly negotiating the price with your dedicated expert through a WhatsApp chat.

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Also for first-time cryptocurrency buyers.

We believe that security and high-tech standards should not be exclusive to experts and technicians in the sector. This is why we at Conio have worked to make them accessible to everyone. With our free App, we offer you the ability to buy, sell and store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies securely. Technology is our job, not your concern.

Solutions for banks and companies.

We support financial institutions and companies that enter the world of digital assets and cryptocurrencies with the highest levels of security and compliance. Our bespoke system is perfectly suited to the banking and corporate infrastructure. Our Plug & Play platform is highly customisable, and with the wide range of services offered, we can meet every type of request.

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Conio. Digital currencies for everyone.

Based on an idea of Italian entrepreneurs and founded in San Francisco in 2015, Conio was the first to launch a Bitcoin Wallet in Italy. Our mission is to make cryptocurrencies and digital payments secure and affordable for everyone. We have won the trust of noteworthy Italian banks that financed the project from the beginning. Today, in addition to reaching 400.000 private customers, we offer banks and financial institutions digital asset management solutions.

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