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We secure the future
of Digital Assets.

We offer a Wallet for your Bitcoins, with the highest level of security. Buy, sell and store your Bitcoins in a single App, knowing that your funds are safe at all times.

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Multi-sig 2 out of 3 Wallet. Patented Recovery System.

A Wallet, 3 keys: to ensure access no matter what happens.

  • Who has access to the keys? The first is exclusively owned by the customer, the second is encrypted in our systems and the third is kept offline - protected from hacker attacks - at a third party, independent from Conio. Access requires 2 out of 3 keys, and the common combination would be the first key held by the customer and the second key held by Conio.

  • What happens if you lose your key or if something happens to you? We would then activate an extraordinary procedure - patented. With Conio’s key and the third key, we would then return the funds to you or your heirs.

  • What if Conio fails? Bitcoins already owned by you - as they are transferred to your Wallet with on-chain transactions - will be returned to you using the same extraordinary procedure, using your key and the third one offline.

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Buy your first Bitcoin.

Download the free App and access your Bitcoin Wallet. You can either buy Bitcoins with your credit card or with bank transfer. If you want to boost your Wallet, buying Bitcoin with no limits, you can also access our exclusive Conio Prime service.
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Conio. Digital currencies for everyone.

Founded in 2015 in San Francisco, Conio launched the first Bitcoin Wallet for smartphones in Italy. The mission is simple: to make crypto and digital payments available to everyone.
From the very beginning, we gained the trust of institutional investors, including important Italian banks, which have partially funded the project.
Today, besides having reached 350,000 private customers, we provide banks and financial institutions with integrated solutions for the management of cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets.

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