A digital asset solution that meets all business needs.

Conio offers a comprehensive solution for the custody, trading, and tokenization of digital assets. Start offering new products and services right away and give your business a boost. Discover all of Conio's services.


The secure solution for safeguarding digital assets.

Our custody solution is the ideal choice to protect your digital assets and those of your customers. Through the combination of advanced technologies, encryption, and multiple authentication procedures, we ensure robust and reliable custody. With our service, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your assets will always be safe.
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Seize opportunities in the real-time digital assets market.

Allow your customers to buy and sell digital assets with total transparency and the highest level of security. Provide a personalized trading experience based on the customer's profile, ensuring compliance with current regulations.
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Leverage the potential of tokenization to offer cutting-edge services.

With Conio, you can explore the use of innovative technologies applied to specific use cases: from security tokens to loyalty tokens, from stablecoins to e-money tokens, you can take advantage of the unlimited potential of these assets.
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Governance and Additional Services.

Discover the wide range of tailor-made services to maximize the potential of our solution.

With our cutting-edge regtech technology, we ensure the security of your business and the protection of your customers. Furthermore, customer support, accurate tax reporting, advanced application layers, a dedicated back-office solution, and training are just some of the services we offer to you.
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Staying at the forefront in the world of digital assets is now easier thanks to our plug-and-play solutions. We will guide you step by step in the integration process and provide you with the tools and know-how you need.

Boost your business without worrying about the technology.
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