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Go live 2020

Dynamic and open-loop wallet service available to all digital bank's retail customers.

This form of custody both ensures the seamless buying and selling of digital assets but also empowers users to directly send and receive assets within the banking app through integrated features.

In addition, Conio provides a RegTech platform that permits to timely detect and report to the regulatory authorities any suspicious activity detected by customers themselves.
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Together with Conio, we have been committed for years to bringing value and ease of use to our customers, promoting conscious use of money through innovative tools.

Luigi Provenza, Chief Product Officer of Credit, Insurance, and Savings at Hype

Banca Generali

Go live 2021

Conio's service for the bank's private and retail clientele.

The offering is tailored according to the Mifid profiling of the end customer and includes various levels of functionality.

This type of custody is dedicated to the bank's private clientele and ensures them the ability to buy and sell digital assets without any risks (close loop).

In addition, Conio provides a RegTech platform that enables the timely detection and reporting to regulatory authorities of any suspicious activity detected within the customers' operations.
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With Conio, we initiated a significant industrial partnership back in 2020, due to the value of the technology at our disposal and the quality of the managers involved. We understand that the future landscape of financial markets will be increasingly influenced by blockchain technology, which is gaining ground, especially in the cryptocurrency sector, as well as in many other areas. On one hand, there is a strong focus on security, and on the other, an enhancement of the products offered to our clients. It is within this context that this collaboration fits, aiming to facilitate the development of innovative services by leveraging the best practices that originate from the international scene.
Gian Maria Mossa, Chief Executive Officer of Banca Generali