Keep your Bitcoins safe.

Store your Bitcoins in the most secure Italian Wallet with your personal private key. And don’t worry if you lose it, we can always restore access to your wallet.

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The safety deposit box for your cryptocurrencies.

logo calotta
logo calotta

Store your cryptos in our safety box.

With the 2 out of 3 Multi-Signature system - based on the native Bitcoin Multi-Signature and 2 proprietary patents - and our Wallet’s extremely high-security standard, storing your Bitcoins has never been easier or safer.

logo calotta
logo calotta

Store your Bitcoins for real.

The Conio Wallet ensures the management of your private key, generated and encrypted through the App. Then you’ll be the only one who can access and manage your funds.

logo calotta
logo calotta

Always retrieve your Wallet’s contents.

We have made the Wallet more accessible: thanks to the patented Recovery System and three keys, you will always have the ability to access your funds, even if you lose your private key or if Conio ceases to exist.

Multi-Signature Wallet and Patented Recovery System. What does this really mean?

What does 2 out of 3 Multi-Signature mean?

There are 3 keys to each Wallet. To sign transactions, you need 2 of the 3 existing keys, usually the customer key and the Conio one.

Who owns the keys?

The first is owned by the customer, the second is encrypted in our systems and the third is kept offline - protected from hacker attacks - at a separate from Conio third party.

What if I lose my personal key or something happens to me?

In that case, we activate our patented extraordinary procedure - that returns the first key to your Wallet through advanced encryption systems, to ensure access again.

What if Conio stops trading?

Not a problem: your Bitcoins do not belong to Conio. They are your tokens - as they are transferred to your Wallet via on-chain transactions.

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