Keep your Bitcoins safe.

Store your Bitcoins in the ultra-secure 2 out of 3 Multi-signature Wallet: possession of the private key and on-chain transactions assure you of the real ownership of your Bitcoins.

A Wallet, three unique features.

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logo calotta
Three keys to greater security.
Every Conio Wallet is protected by three keys, for enhanced security: two to sign each transaction and the third to ensure access to your funds no matter what happens.
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logo calotta
Ownership of the private key.
The Conio Wallet ensures the real ownership of your Bitcoins through the possession of your private key, generated and encrypted through the App. So you will be the only one who can access and manage your funds.
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logo calotta
Transactions recorded on the blockchain.
The Bitcoins you hold in your Conio Wallet are transferred with a transaction recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain. This makes the information immutable over time and verifiable through a blockchain explorer.

Patented fund Recovery System.

What is it?

It is an extraordinary procedure - the exclusive Conio patented system - that allows you to recover your funds even if you lose the private key to your Wallet. This is possible thanks to the 2 out of 3 Multi-signature system.

What does Multi-signature mean and who owns the keys?

2 out of 3 Multi-signature system means that there are 3 keys to each Wallet: the first key is in your possession through the app, the second is encrypted in our systems and the third is kept offline at a separate from Conio third party. To sign each transaction, 2 out of these 3 keys are required.

How does the recovery system work?

In case of loss of the first key, we activate an extraordinary procedure that, using advanced cryptographic systems and utilizing the third key, returns your Wallet key to you.

What if Conio stops trading?

Not a problem: your Bitcoins do not belong to Conio. They are your tokens - as they are transferred to your Wallet via on-chain transactions.

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