Conio. Digital Assets tecnology.

Founded in 2015, Conio is the fintech partly owned by Poste Italiane and Banca Generali, that created the first multi-signature Bitcoin wallet in Italy, with the mission of making digital assets accessible to all. Today, in addition to having reached over 400,000 retail customers, we offer our cutting-edge technology to major banks and financial institutions, who have chosen us as the most reliable partner to enter the digital asset market.

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The history of Conio.

Foundation of CONIO.

June 2015

Conio was founded, thanks to a €3 Million investment round with the participation of Poste Italiane. The R&D process for the application of blockchain to payments and digital assets started, once more with the collaboration of Poste Italiane.

The App’s design was patented.

May 2017

A patent was applied for the exclusive design of the Conio wallet in the United States. This first patent, obtained in July 2018, was followed by a second one relating to the App’s graphic interface, requested and obtained in 2018.

Patent for the Multi-signature custody solution.

August 2017

In the US, the patent application for multi-signature custody is filed (confirmed in January 2020). This system ensures access to the Wallet with 2 out of 3 private keys, ensuring the user an extremely high level of security and the chance to always recover the Wallet’s contents.

The launch on the Italian market.

November 2017

The Bitcoin Wallet is launched in the Italian B2C market. Conio is awarded at the San Francisco Design Week Awards 2018 as the best Fintech App.

First banking integration.

March 2020

The first banking integration became operational. This is the partnership with Hype, the Challenger Bank of the Banca Sella Group. Also signed the collaboration with Nexi, the most important European Paytech.

The partnership with Banca Generali got underway.

December 2020

Banca Generali invested in Conio and started the partnership that led to the integration of our technology into the bank’s properties.

New coins and features in the App.

June 2023

Conio's app is expanding: new digital assets introduced to the market, along with the "convert" feature, allowing you to modify your Wallet's composition without executing positions in FIAT.


Conio's technology has obtained several US patents, thanks to its uniqueness and security.

Method and apparatus for a blockchain-agnostic safe multi-signature digital asset management

February 2024

Methods and systems for safe creation, custody, recovery, and management of a digital asset

November 2021

Method and apparatus for restoring access to digital assets

January 2020

Display screen with animated graphical user interface - part 2

November 2018

Display screen with animated graphical user interface - part 1

July 2018



Christian Miccoli
CEO & Co-founder.
A pioneer of online banking in Italy, he led ING Direct and Che Banca!. Christian Miccoli, driven by passion and experience in the Fintech sector, later founded Conio with the belief that distributed ledger technology and tokenization will shape the finance of the future.
Orlando Merone
General Manager.
With over 15 years of experience in the tech industry and having witnessed the launch of USDC by Circle, Orlando Merone led the commercial development of Revolut in Southern Europe and spearheaded the launch of Bitpanda in the Italian market. Since May 2023, he has joined Conio as the General Manager.


Several financial institutions have believed in Conio. Here is a list of our institutional investors.

Poste italiane

June 2015

Banca Finint

February 2018

Banca Sella

February 2018

Banca Generali

December 2020

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