Protect your digital assets with Conio Wallet.

Conio's custody protects you from counterparty risk and the loss of access keys thanks to the proprietary and patented Multi-signature 2-of-3 technology.

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The security of Conio Wallet.

No risk of fund loss.

Thanks to its 2-out-of-3 Multi-signature technology, the customer can be assured of always regain possession of their funds, even in case of a lost access key.

Elimination of counterparty risk.

Conio's secure-by-design wallet ensures the ownership of the funds to the customer. In fact, Conio does not have the ability to independently dispose of its customers' assets.

Dedicated wallets and scalability.

Conio's technology allows its partners to create dedicated wallets for each customer while maintaining a high level of performance.

We know that the future landscape of financial markets will be increasingly influenced by blockchain technology, which continues to make its way, primarily among cryptocurrencies, as well as in many other domains.

Gian Maria Mossa, Chief Executive Officer of Banca Generali