Buy and sell digital assets safely.

Expand your portfolio with our new selection of digital currencies. As of today, you can buy more coins, with the same ease and security as always.

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Purchase on-chain Bitcoin.

You can purchase and sell Bitcoins inside your Wallet with transactions recorded directly in the Bitcoin blockchain. This ensures that you actually own your Bitcoins and can verify transactions through a Blockchain Explorer. Buy Bitcoin with your preferred payment method: credit or debit card or bank transfer. Sell them in a few clicks and receive the balance directly on your IBAN. Plus, you can send and receive Bitcoin in your Conio Wallet without paying additional fees.

Buy several cryptocurrencies.

Do you want to purchase other cryptocurrencies without using an exchange? Then take advantage of the App’s new feature that allows you to access a selection of cryptocurrencies without sacrificing the security of our custody, thanks to the Wallet off-chain. You can expand your Wallet with Ethereum, Cardano, Algorand, Avalanche and Litecoin. Buy by credit or debit card and sell with direct credit on your IBAN.

Buy cryptocurrencies

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