How can I protect my Wallet?

It is very important to take all the measures Conio offers to secure your Conio Bitcoin Wallet and the Bitcoin you own.

Don’t forget to set:


Don’t set a password too easy to remember and never set the same password you use for other services to access the Conio App. The password must have at least 8 characters, a capital letter, a lowercase and a number. Don’t set a password with your own personal information, or relating to your family, such as names, surnames, date of birth, and so on.

Two-factor Autheticator

This system involves the use of a code valid only once that expires after a short period of time. Using the two-factor mechanism is the best way to secure your Bitcoin and to prevent unauthorized accesses, also in the event that you may lose your device and/or your credentials stolen. You should choose to active the two-factor authenticator, the relative code will be required for all the following operations:

  • Send Bitcoin.

  • Sell bitcoin.

  • To accelerate both a send or a receive Bitcoin transaction.

Pin code

The pin code is code made of 4 digits, personal and secret, that you can use to secure your Wallet and make sure that anyone can access the Wallet without your consent. By setting a Pin Code you will prevent anyone from using your device and accessing your Bitcoin account.

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