What is Conio?

We are a fintech, founded in 2015 in San Francisco by Italian entrepreneurs. Our mission is to make cryptocurrencies and digital payments affordable for everyone. We launched the first Bitcoin Wallet for smartphones in Italy, simple and accessible to everyone. Our multi-signature custody system, patented in 2017, makes it easy and safe to store and manage cryptocurrencies.

Right from the start, our App has received considerable interest and has won several awards, including the award, at the 2018 San Francisco Design Week Awards, for Best Fintech App. Today, in addition to having already reached more than 400,000 private customers, we offer banks and financial institutions integrated solutions for digital asset management.

Is Conio regulated?

As per the implementing decree of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, all entities, both Italian and foreign, that offer services related to virtual currencies to Italian clients, including through online platforms, will have to register with the special section of the OAM (Organismo degli Agenti e dei Mediatori creditizi) and will have to report, on a quarterly basis, data on the identity and overall operations per individual client.

The activities of traders who fail to comply with these directives will be considered abusive and their respective platforms will be blacked out, not allowing their respective clients to access them. To avoid unpleasant inconvenience to its clients, Conio has arranged for timely registration with the special section of the OAM. Clients, on the other hand, are not required to take any specific steps.

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